8 Dragon Online Slot Machine Free or Real Pragmatic Play

8 Dragon Online Slot Machine Free or Real Pragmatic Play

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8 Dragon online slot machine free or real pragmatic play is a challenging game online to be played. You may play this game to test your adrenaline. The review below makes you more understand this game.

8 Dragon Online Slot Machine Free or Real Pragmatic Play

8 Dragon Online Slot Machine Free or Real Pragmatic Play
8 Dragon Online Slot Machine Free or Real Pragmatic Play

Dragon Game

8 dragon online game is created to celebrate Chinese New Year for Chinese dragon is a symbol of strength, power and also good luck. It chooses the Chinese mystical and also culture as a theme and background of this game. It provides 20 pay lines with three rows and five reels. The game isn’t too different comparing to common slot games but it looks more fun than ever.

Play the Dragon

Before you start to play, you need to understand the game first. There will be several symbols arranged in the games. The dragon has two positions of the reel in this game. It can also change the other characters too. Player has the chance to get many gifts between the lines in the game.

Hit the Envelope

Player will also find an envelope symbol in this game. When this envelope symbol appears, player needs to arrange it on the right way. In this case, each player will get at least three envelopes. When player is done arranging the envelopes, he will find five dragons emerge in the game.

The Wild Symbols

Dragon game also has the wild characters, which give you additional bonuses. Usually, the wild characters come on 2, 3, and 4 reels during the game. The players have the advantage to multiply the win after match all the pay lines. The characters will give some win formations. The wild symbols give additional coins for the players.

Mystery Cards

During the game, some mystery cards will appear on the screen. These cards appear not only in specific reels, but also provide for all reels. The cards are additional bonuses for you who played this game for a long time. If you are lucky, you can find the mystery cards with big additional money for you. You can also get free spins for several times.

The Best Scatter

One important thing that you have to pay attention more the scatter symbols. If player manage to get at least three of the entire scatter symbols, this player will possibly get even more bonuses. Player should also find the tiger symbol. This is the best symbol which brings many bonuses. The best scatter will bring you to the biggest win.

Where to Play?

This game becomes very famous nowadays. Therefore, it is very easy for you to find this game. You can play this game in the online casinos’ website. You have to remember that trusted website will give you more bonuses. You have to find the best casinos websites. You can see from the rating of the websites or some comments from the viewers.

Now, you understand more about the 8 dragon online slot machine game. You get all the information about how to play until the bonuses you may get from the game. Don’t wait any longer. Invite your friends to play.

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