Diamond Strike Slot Game Review Play for Free


Diamond Strike Slot game is one the casinos’ online games created by Pragmatic Play. This will be new favorite games for you.  Why? It is very interesting game. This is the Diamond Strike Slot Game Review Play for Free.

Diamond Strike Slot Game Review Play for Free

Diamond Strike Slot Game Review Play for Free
Diamond Strike Slot Game Review Play for Free

What is Diamond Strike Slot?

This is one of several types of online slot machine games. This is not a very difficult game but it is not that easy too. This game is perfect to play when you have time to kill. This game is also profitable for players. Why? It is because player has the chance to get some bonuses and collect the money for betting games.

How to Play Diamond Strike?

This game provides 15 pay lines with five reels and three rows. The player will find several different symbols including fruits, gold bells, and number 7 with the fire. To play it, you can access the website and open the video games to start. All you have to do is to play as instructed and to match the symbols, which will bring some bonuses for you.

The Pay Table

Before playing the game, you have to read the pay table first. The pay table will give you some information about the game. You will also know how to set your bet. It must be a form of coin for each pay line. It also provides the information about credit and autoplay to switch the game.

The Symbols

The most important symbol that you have to find in this game is the diamonds. You have to find as many as possible the diamonds in the video game.  It brings you to the win of the game. You have to match the diamonds in the rows. Another symbol is golden 7. You have to draw three golden seven icons everywhere in the game. You will have the chance to win one of the jackpots. If you want to win this symbol, you have to set a bet around that amount.

Free Spins

If you follow the rulesin playing the games, you will get some free spins. You find the symbols of the scatters at the first, third, and fifth reels. You need to set the reels based on the rule written there. If you do it well, the free spin will be extended unlimited times.


This game provides some jackpots also. This game also provides some jackpots for players. To get a chance to get the jackpot, player will need to randomly choose one of the diamonds appearing on the screen. Then from there, you will see the jackpot logos. To get the jackpot bonus, player needs to collect three logos that are similar. If you made it, you will win big jackpots or big amount. You can use the jackpots to multiply your coins. Golden seven with the diamonds are the symbols which bring the jackpots.

Play for Free

Another interesting thing from this game is you can play this game for free. You don’t need to put the deposit first to play this game. It is free to be played anytime. Even you can play that both offline and online.

That is the Diamond Strike Slot Game Review Play for Free. It gives you more information, so you can play the game in a correct rule, set a bet correctly, and win the jackpots.


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