Interesting Facts About Online Casino

Interesting Facts About Online Casino

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How many players know the interesting facts about online casino? The real gamblers usually do not pay attention to the historical details. All they care about is the game quality and how to win the casino prize. In addition to the alluring winning prize, the best online casino also has several astonishing fact!

Interesting Facts About Online Casino

Interesting Facts About Online Casino
Interesting Facts About Online Casino

The First Online Casino

It was created back in 1997. At that time, the inventor gave “Internet Casino System IV” to the brand new machine. Many web developers copy the concept in no time. The recent data even stated that there are more than 2000 official legal sites have been registered on the World Wide Web.

The Biggest Win

Newbie gamblers must not feel small, as the winner of the biggest payout is a newcomer. This player live in Helsinki. This lucky player claim about 18 million euros after playing at Mega Fortune in less than an hour. No gambling site has beat the record paid by the Finland PAF.

The Gamblers Ratio

Is there any players wonder about the ratio of men and women gamblers in online site? A recent research reveals that men loves online casino more than women. For this reason, it is quite surprising to learn the fact that the first casino license is given to a woman. Her name is Mayme Stocker, who got the certification for her “Northern Club” in 1920.

The Glory Of Online Casino

If all pikers in the world make 100% of the pikers population, are all of them joining online casino? Sadly it is not. Even though the online casino charm could grab about 90% of the total population, the rest of them still keep their love for land based casino. Even so, less than half of them could have “professional players” title.

The Most Popular Game

It is not surprising to see slot as the most favorite game for gamblers. According a psychologist who learn about slot gamblers, the game offer positive mindset in each turn. This is why they keep playing for hours. Even a survey conducted in UK stated that the number of slot players increase up to three times between 2009 and 2015.

The Free Trial

While scrolling the casino games, the gamblers might see the options to try the game for free before playing the actual bet. The initial purpose of this feature is helping the newbie players to learn about how the game works instead of leaking about the money claiming process. Nonetheless, many sites take the features as the option to sharpen the bettor’s skill.

The Addicted Gamblers

Among the countries with high gamblers population, Cypriots is the one that spend the most money on online casino. Each year, the relatively small number of residents spend around 2.5 million Euros for gambling. Approximately, each person give in about 3125 euros.

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