Popular Online Casino Games with Great Bonuses

Popular Online Casino Games with Great Bonuses

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If you aim for gaining big, steady profits from online betting, there is one thing you must do. You have to look for and play the popular online casino games with great bonuses. Stick with the games which have low RTP rates will never give you steady rewards. Here are two games you might find interesting.

Popular Online Casino Games with Great Bonuses

Popular Online Casino Games with Great Bonuses
Popular Online Casino Games with Great Bonuses

Microgaming’s Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot

Microgaming has paved its way and become one of the most reputable gaming software developers. It is especially known for its wide range of collections. You can find various types of online casino games developed by Microgaming. However, the kind of game which always make online bettors interested in the developer is its slot games, specifically its progressive jackpot slots.

Major Millions is one of the famous progressive jackpots the developer has created. Its jackpot reaches about $400,000, but it has ever been larger as well. The game has two variants; the first one has three reels and the second has five reels. Both are equally popular. However, these two variants have different numbers of pay lines. The three-reel variant has only three pay lines, while the five-reel variants have 15 pay lines.

The only way to get the best chance of winning the progressive jackpot is by covering all 15 pay lines. The reason is that you have to land five Major Millions symbols on the 15th pay line to get the tempting jackpot. You could still get the non-progressive jackpot by selecting fewer pay lines. Yet, the amount is only 8,000 coins which are significantly smaller compared to its progressive one.

Although the game does not have any free spins feature, you can still get plenty of chances to win some cash. The wild and scatter symbols which the developer provides will assist you to do that. Landing five wild symbols on an active pay line reward you with the non-progressive jackpot, while landing three or above scatter symbols will multiply your winning.

Betsoft’s 2 B.C. Slot

If you love the slot having ancient B.C. theme, this one might be good for you. The slot has five reels and 30 pay lines. The maximum amount of cash you will spend on a single spin is $150 because the denomination ranges from $0.2 to $1.

You can find various interesting symbols which represent the theme very well. In addition, the graphics and the animations are also stunning. To win the prize, you only need to match only two symbols. This happens most of the times, but the game requires three of certain symbols to appear on the reels.

Do not get upset though. There are some specials symbols which can give you lucrative profits. For example, free spins will be triggered if you manage to land three or more fire symbols. You can also access the bonus round by landing three acorn symbols.

These are only two games among plenty of popular online casino games with great bonuses provided. You do not only have fun while playing the game and enjoy the thrill and excitement, but you can get big profits as well. What are you waiting for, my friend? Click the spin button!

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