Types of Online Roulette Game

Types of Online Roulette Game

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There are so many types of online roulette game in the online casino website, from the European version until the American version which means that their Rules when Playing. However, as bettor, you should know the differences among them so you can find the one which suited your way of playing.

Types of Online Roulette Game

Types of Online Roulette Game
Types of Online Roulette Game
  • One or Two Zeroes

If you haven’t noticed already, some wheel has one zero while other have two. They are different because they came from different region. Here’s the chart:

  • American Roulette

This type has two zeroes and the highest house edge of the three. This means the game have the highest risk because the possibility widens with that extra zero and losing hurts more. Avoid unless you are a risk taker.

  • French Roulette

Unlike American ones, this type only has one zero on the wheel. Also, the house edge is easily the lowest in the category, making it the most ideal type to play with especially for players who like outside bets. Sadly, French roulette rarely available in any casino.

  • European Roulette

Just like French ones, European roulette only have one zero. The house edge is still a little bit higher, scoring between American’s and French’s. However, since it’s easier to find European than French roulette, this type become the best choice to pick.

  • Variations

Roulette variations are rare, but they are available online. Here are some of them:

  • Multi Ball

Multi Ball roulette use several instead of just one per spin. Because there are more winning numbers, the winning chance got elevated as well. The bets are placed on a table and each winning number counts in the bet.

  • Multi Wheel

Sill in the same troupe as Multi Ball, but uses eight wheel instead. They can be found in casinos provided by Microgaming. Just like Multi Ball, the game also uses a table to place bet on and each winning number counts in the bet.

  • Hot Streak

It’s basically the classic roulette, but with more bonus as the ball strikes on. So, bettors have to bet the numbers as a series. If they are hit, massive bonus will be awarded to the player.

  • Double Bonus

Double Bonus Roulette uses two balls, one for the numbers and one for the bonus. When the bonus ball goes into the well, bettors will get two bonus spins but can’t change their previous bets within that round.

  • Pinball Roulette

A combination of pinball and roulette, this game replace the wheel with pinball board. To play the game, bettors have to set their bet first then play the ball like in pinball.

  • Spingo

This game is a combination of Bingo and Roulette. There are three colors instead of two and the number table range from one to ten each color to bet on.

Use the explanation of types of online roulette game and choose your own roulette game. If you are still confused, you can always try them one by one until you find the suitable one. Don’t forget to have some fun and let the ball rolls.

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