Win Big at Zeus Slot Machine Using These Tricks

Win Big at Zeus Slot Machine Using These Tricks

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Zeus slot machine is really a popular online slot machine game. You will meet the most powerful god of Olympus, Zeus, who will give you more than just luck in this game. There are some tricks that you should use in this game. You can try to win big at Zeus slot machine using these tricks.

Win Big at Zeus Slot Machine Using These Tricks

Win Big at Zeus Slot Machine Using These Tricks
Win Big at Zeus Slot Machine Using These Tricks
  • Collect the Zeus

The main character in this game is of course Zeus. So, in order to win big, you should collect five Zeus in your payline. This will unlock your big jackpot and immediately transfer it into your bank account.

  • Take Free Spins for Granted

You can get lots of free spins. It means that you will save your money for next bet. You will get the jackpot without spending money. To get the free spins, you can compile three or more scatter symbols in the active paylines.

The scatter symbol is a lightning thunderbolt and the number of free spins is determined by the number of the lightning that you can compile. The more the symbol, the more the free spins and it is up to 100 free spins. You can also get the other free spin when you get scatter symbol when you use the free spin. So, it will double even triple you free spins. However, you cannot combine this scatter symbol with wild symbol but you can get the payout after making the winning pattern.

  • Use All Paylines to Ensure Your Winning

There are 30 paylines that you can place your bet on. If you really want to win big in this game, make sure that you put all the payline in active mode. Get jackpot combination in one reel, and you will win. Even if you do not get the jackpot combination, you will get little winnings that will be worth it to be had. Better than nothing, right?

Then if you want to be wise, place the minimum bet for every payline. However, the more you bet the more you will win at the end. So, it is really suggested to bet the maximum, if you can, on every payline to win big.

  • Wild Symbol is Important

In this game, the wild stands for the wild symbol. There are five wild symbols in this game and if you get this symbol in several paylines, it will pick the line that has highest prize. It is a nice way to win big, right?

  • Bonus Stage

Actually this bonus stage will be activated if you use the free spin. In this stage you will get more wild and Zeus symbol. So this bonus stage will give you more chance to win the jackpot and double the winning with wild symbol. How can you ask for more?

Prove it by yourself that you can win big at Zeus slot machine using these tricks that’s some of the things you should know about slot machine. You will get more than just a jackpot and entertainment from this game. You will also find out why this game is so popular. Open QQ808 now and start playing. Happy betting!

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